Consultation / Evaluation

Getting an oral exam from the dentist is the start of a healthy smile. At Lif Dental every new patients receives a free check up and X-rays. If needed, the doctor will make you a custom treatment plan that will give you steps on improving and protecting your oral health. 

Here is how most new check ups will go.

A overview of your medical history. After filling out our new patient information, the team will take note of any medication or conditions that may effect the treatment or oral health.

A conversation with the Dentist in important to address any concerns that you have about your mouth and get feedback on how to improve your oral health. 

An oral evaluation and x-ray reading will take place to look for cavities, infections, abnormal movement, tooth decay, cancerous spots and overall hygiene.

The dentist presents a treatment plan. After your mouth and x-rays have been examined, the doctor creates a plan with you in order to make the needed steps to improving your oral health.


Sealants are a plastic resin material that are applied to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. Sealents protect your tooth from plaque and acids that cause decay. Many times, your toothbrush cannot reach these deep depression on the back teeth and sealant help to protect these areas.

A sealant are easily applied and take only a few minutes for each tooth. At each appointment your sealants will be checked to make sure that they are retained. Reapplication is needed after several years of use.


If you want to keep your teeth looking their best, professional teeth cleanings are essential in maintaining healthy, plaque-free teeth. Many people believe that having an annual checkup is enough to preserve a beautiful smile. In reality, professional teeth cleanings are required to remove hidden tartar, plaque and bacteria that is not visible to the naked eye. (paragraph break) Although your teeth may feel or appear clean, plaque and disease-causing bacteria builds up between teeth and under your gums. Unfortunately, even the most sophisticated toothbrush will not get to those hard-to-reach areas, which is why you need Lif Dental. It takes professional teeth cleanings by a hygienist to remove unwanted plaque and bacteria. This is critical in preventing cavities, gingivitis, and periodontal disease. Routine cleanings should be done every six months. Some patients may require more frequent appointments.

Scaling and Root Treatment

Gingivitis is a serious disease that can result in detrimental consequences if left untreated. It can result in significant deterioration of the teeth and gums. The right treatment can be provided by our hygiene team, who specializes in scaling and root planing procedures.

This condition can result from the buildup of plaque and tartar in your mouth. When these remain in a stale environment and are not treated effectively, bacteria can grow and quickly multiply. An excessive amount of bacteria can cause the gums to be irritated and inflamed. A prominent result of inflammation is bleeding of the gums.

Through a root scaling and planning procedure, gingivitis can be conveniently resolved. The teeth will be polished and cleaned to eliminate any traces of plaque. Tartar is also removed from the surface during the scaling process. Root planing is different in that the surfaces are smoothed over and infected tissue is removed.

Scaling and planing does not involve intensive surgical procedures, so they can be provided without anesthesia. More serious cases of gingivitis may require the treated gums to be numbed. One area of the mouth will be treated for each appointment. This will provide ample time for healing and reduce treatment time.