Having a bright white smile is desirable in maintaining a youthful appearance. Smoking, coffee, sugared drinks and other substances erode the enamel of your teeth, and leave you susceptible to tooth discoloration.  There are two options available for restoring a white smile.

In-Office Whitening. If you are a candidate for whitening, the doctor will suggest an in office chairside whitening procedure. In this procedure your soft tissue will be protected by a rubber shield or by a protective gel. The clinical whitening gel will be placed on your teeth. The gel may require a specialized light to activate the whitening agent.

Take home whitening trays. To perform whitening at home it requires a customized clear tray. To make this tray the dentist takes an impression of your bite, and your custom tray is fabricated. Once that is complete you will receive your trays with your six month supply of whitening gel to your home. To whiten your teeth, simply apply the whitening gel to the tray and place the tray on your teeth.

We recommend having a consult with your dentist so they can determine what whitening treatment suits your needs. Your dentist will perform an exam to see if you are a candidate and which option is best to achieve the desired results.

Invisible braces

Invisible Braces use a series of clear retainers to gradually shift your teeth into an ideal position. These products have become very popular because of how it fits into your lifestyle. They are removable and removing the tray occasionally does not effect the result of the treatment. Every two weeks you will change your tray to begin the next movement. After 6-24 months, your teeth will adjust resulting in a straighter, and more beautiful smile.