About Us

All the care, none of the worry


Our Mission

high quality for you peace of mind

Our team stands by your side, identifying your oral health needs, and communicating ways to treat or prevent further dental problems. We do not force treatments on patients, rather our dentists will diagnose a treatment plan specific to each patients need. Our dentists use minimally invasive procedures to safeguard from irritation to insure your comfort while in the chair.

All The Care

Your Lif Dental team provides a range of services to accommodate your dental needs. You can trust in the Lif Dental Providers to help manage your longterm oral health and give you needed steps to improve your existing teeth.

None The Worry

We’ve taken large strides to make your dental experience more comforting and less stressful. We want to provide a supportive environment with people who are honestly concerned about improving your oral health, to insure your trust in Lif Dental as your provider.

Patient Education: Informing our patients on the status of your oral health, why a treatment may be needed, and how a treatment will be preformed, are all important for transparent communication between the dentist and patient. We want our patients to be at ease, knowing what is going on in their mouthsand how we can help.  

Wholehearted Providers: Our dentists are independent practitioners and are not controlled by a corporation. They have teamed up with Lif Dental because they share in our mission to build an environment that is committed to our patients needs and their concerns. The dentists of Lif Dental goal is to offer the healthiest treatments available at the most affordable price.

Affordable Hygiene: The foundation of oral health is consistent hygiene. Most people associate dental hygiene with brush and flossing but these are only a part of the needed steps you should take to maintain a healthily mouth. Coming in for an annual hygiene is needed to clean the in hard to reach places like in-between teeth and on the gums. By not cleaning the hard to reach places, you leave yourself vulnerable to tooth decay and gum disease even if you brush daily. To make our patients as healthily as possible want to offer our hygiene services for less. We want our patients to enjoy their natural teeth for as long as they can. Our Smile for Lif members receive free hygiene!

Compassionate Team: We believe that “it’s not what you do in life that matters, it’s about who you do it with”. The key to a comforting experience at Lif Dental is in the team who will support you. Our team will give their undivided attention to you throughout your visit, from consultation to check-out, in order to provide you a comforting dental experience. Our staff provides all of the care, with none of the worry.

Payment Options: Dental needs are sometimes unexpected and paying upfront for them is a financial burden. There is no need to worry about the cost of a treatment anymore. We have a no interest and no credit check monthly payment plan to help you break down the cost of your treatment.